About us

With the creative heart in Hamburg, Iris von Arnim has been interpreting the zeitgeist in the form of cashmere and high-quality knitwear for 45 years: favourite pieces that last a lifetime. Luxury knitwear for today and tomorrow - timeless, long-lasting, pure. Today, the business is one of the few family-owned German luxury brands that has achieved worldwide success. Iris von Arnim creates understated-pure luxury knitwear - cashmere with a unique touch & feel.

"Our values? Quality. Trust. Personality. Craftsmanship. Tradition. Honesty. An endless ambition for our work. The employees as part of the family. The values of a family business. And our history. My mother's. With this spirit, we want to continue telling the story."


Our history

Even today, Iris von Arnim draws inexhaustible inspiration for her work from the company's special history. In the early seventies, she spent several months in hospital after a serious car accident - and discovered knitting for herself. A pastime turned into a business idea: hand-knitted sweaters with elaborate patterns. Iris von Arnim founded her company 1976 in Hamburg. She is one of the designers who reinvent fashion in Germany.

Passion for over 45 years

Cashmere has been the focus of Iris von Arnim since the mid-eighties. She designs one-of-a-kind pieces of unpretentious elegance and outstanding quality. Each piece is as unique as the designer's personality.

β€œI like to think of knitwear as a way of life. As a friend who knows best what you need at the moment. Rather quiet – with that particular touch that flatters without being overwhelming.”


The company

The designer’s home – located in Hamburg-Harvestehude – is the headquarter and where the creative departments are based. Part of the brand are its stores in Sylt, Munich, Vienna, and the online shop. Trust and loyalty are the basis on which Iris von Arnim's creativity flourishes. Selected partners have accompanied the family business for many years: People who understand their craft perfectly and show the same appreciation for precious materials like cashmere.

Mother and son

Born only a few years after the company was founded in 1976, Valentin von Arnim grew up between cashmere, knitwear and designs. With Iris as creative director, he took over the management of the strategic and operative business in 2009. Since 2013, the UOMO collection, which Valentin established, has been an integral part of the brand. His vision: design for the knitwear enthusiast, born with a global mindset. Like his mother, Valentin is passionate and ambitious in everything he does - always curious and with a clear sense of quality.