Cashmere Care

Special things need special care - so does cashmere. 
With the right care, your new favourite piece will become a companion for life.

Iris von Arnim creates timeless luxury made from cashmere with a unique touch and feel. To enjoy this high-quality material for as long as possible, the right care is important. 

The Cashmere Care collection offers everything you need: a special cashmere shampoo, a pilling shaver as well as a comb, a laundry bag and fragrant cedar woods. All these products are easy to use for your regular cashmere care routine.


Cashmere should not be laundered each time it is worn, it is better to air it out air it out in fresh air whenever possible. Before washing, it is best to check the instruction on the care label. Cashmere from Iris von Arnim can be laundered inside out and on cold on the lowest spin cycle in the wool wash program. The Iris von Arnim Cashmere Shampoo is an ideal product for machine washing. It is also recommended to wash knits with a tendency to pull threads in a laundry bag. The easiest way to dry cashmere is to use the wool care program in the machine. Afterwards, the garments can be placed on a towel and, if necessary, gently steamed with a steam iron. 

Do not put cashmere in the sun or on a radiator to dry, as high temperatures will damage the fine natural fibre.


Depending on the yarn, dyeing and use, so-called "pilling" can occur: Especially in the beginning, the fine cashmere fibres are more prone to small knots. These are typical for the material and become considerably less with time. The quickest way to remove the knots is with a cashmere comb or electric razor. For chunky knit structures, such as full cardigan structure or cable knits, the use of a cashmere comb is recommended. For flat and delicate knits, a special razor can be used. When removing the knots, make sure the surface is flat.


It is recommended to store cashmere in a dust bag. Strong pressure should be avoided to prevent the fibres from being squeezed during storage. The temperature should be cool and dry. Cedar woods, which are placed in the wardrobe between the garments, are a natural protection against moths. A tip: should the cedar woodโ€™s scent diminish over time, the sides of the wood can be brushed slightly to intensify the scent. A file or fine sandpaper is best for this.

For the love of cashmere

With the right care, your Iris von Arnim piece will last a lifetime. Perfectly coordinated materials and timeless designs ensure the typical Iris von Arnim look. 
It is very important to us that each piece is seen as a favourite and becomes a long-lasting companion. We carry out tests on our yarns and fabrics to be able to give you the best possible care instructions. Please always refer to the care label in the side seam of this model. Enjoy your new favourite.