Precious materials, traditional craftsmanship and long-standing partners: from the gentle extraction of cashmere to knitwear production, our focus is on appreciation, trust and loyalty.


Iris von Arnim designs laid-back and luxurious collections for today and tomorrow. Behind each piece is an intuitive process: not only a reflection of the zeitgeist but rather an interpretation. 

The collection’s essence is luxury knitwear: outstanding and pure designs meet elaborate manufacturing techniques. High-quality knit essentials and signature pieces combined with timeless ready-to-wear and elegant doubleface pieces. Like all the designs, the expressive prints and patterns are created by hand in our design studio in Hamburg.

"I don't follow every trend. My creations are timeless - each piece made to last a lifetime. I like the idea that my designs become favourite pieces. Ones that are cherished and, not least because of the quality, worn for many years with a sense of well-being."



Iris von Arnim's focus: appreciating the materials and their origin. As well as the product's outstanding quality and longevity.

Highest standards

Iris von Arnim’s designs are like a friend who knows exactly what you need. They enable you to experience this pleasant feeling on your skin. The artfully crafted cashmere captures the curiosity, courage and free spirit that have always characterised Iris von Arnim’s work. 

The brand’s expertise ranges from unique full and half cardigan structures, intricate cable patterns and luxurious plain knits. The palette of cashmere yarns ranges from superfine to thick ribbons. The stonewashed creations are incomparable - each piece one-of-a-kind, created with the help of selected manufacturers in Italy. The high-quality natural fibres, composed according to the most outstanding quality standards and innovative techniques, are effortlessly elegant. The pure designs and unique colours make every product a long-lasting companion.

"Valuing the material is the core essence of our thinking. It has always been part of our philosophy."



Through collective values and transparency, the brand Iris von Arnim aims to raise awareness for sustainability and the needs of the environment. A commitment that has guided the company since its foundation. This involves a specific code of conduct, which defines essential aspects such as fair wages, sustainable manufacturing practices, equal rights and environmental guidelines. Quality made in Europe: focusing on ensuring social responsibilities and short transportation routes.

Values & Transparency

Mutual trust and loyalty are the foundation which allows Iris von Arnim’s creativity to flourish. Selected partners have been accompanying the family business for many years: people with extensive knowledge of their craft who show the same appreciation for valuable resources such as cashmere. 

As early as the mid-eighties, the designer set the foundation for manufacturing in Italy, where most yarn manufacturers originate. 70% of the collections continue to be crafted there. The carefully selected circle of hand knitters is from Poland and the greater part of the ready-to-wear garments is produced in Europe. 

The highest-quality cashmere is sourced from Inner and Outer Mongolia, providing the perfect habitat for the cashmere goats. During spring, the adult animals are carefully and gently brushed out. A process that – unlike shearing – is very similar to the natural shedding process. Certain sophisticated and complex knitting structures are best accomplished with long-standing partners in China. A country with the world’s oldest cashmere heritage.