Iris' Favourites

What kind of woman do you design for?
"I have always designed for myself. Right from the start I only designed what I wanted to wear myself: nothing artificial, nothing too discreet – just something honest."


Truly favourite sweaters

It's the artfully knitted cashmere creations that reflect curiosity, courage and free spirit for me. Always by my side: the right sweater for the right moment. 

Your personal styling go to's?
"As in my collections, my wardrobe also consists of high-quality essentials. Depending on my mood, I use these to create my look for the day." 


Trousers for every occasion

Uncomplicated fits and high-quality materials: our trousers are optimal styling partners from season to season. 

What does style mean to you?
"I believe that your character shapes your style. The more aware you are of yourself, the more confident you are in what you wear. And that's allowed to make a splash or be provocative." 


Outerwear Essentials

The perfect wardrobe also includes selected outerwear: elegant doubleface jackets and cashmere coats. 

Feminine dresses

Our high-quality fabrics are also available in feminine dresses. The finest cashmere silhouettes gently hug the body, while airy cotton pieces flatter on warm days. 

Superfine Shirts

Our Superfine Cashmere shirts are absolute all-time favourites. The styles are ultra-thin, seamlessly knitted and made in Italy. 

Down to the last detail: Accessoires

The right accessoires are essential for the perfect look.