Iris von Arnim and Unger celebrate their home and friendship with an exclusive sweater as part of a Capsule Collection. 

The "Große Freiheit" sweater is the result of the long-standing friendship between Iris von Arnim and Unger and their shared love of their hometown: inspired by the personal connection between the two Hamburg fashion companies and the attitude to life in the Hanseatic city.

Unger is one of the buyers who have supported Iris von Arnim's Luxury Knitwear since the label's early beginnings. A very personal friendship between the new generation also grew out of their parents' close business ties: the two managing directors Florian Braun (Unger) and Valentin von Arnim also share a passion for Hamburg. They would like to show this passion beyond the borders of Hamburg. 

"Florian Braun and I have known each other since childhood. Our friendship has grown through working together, over many years, ever closer. It's a true Hanseatic partnership: a handshake counts. Such a relationship of trust and unlimited mutual support in such a big business is something very special. We love our travels together, far away, collecting ideas and images all over the world. But we totally share our home and the bond to our Hanseatic city. And we just want to celebrate that now. We already had Josefine in mind when designing the sweater. She embodies like no other, this special style of Nordic-casual and preppy and that far beyond the borders of Hamburg."

Valentin von Arnim

"In addition to the very successful business partnership, our companies are also linked by friendship. By the way, this is not only true for Valentin and me, our teams are also very close. This openness and trust make the collaboration particularly valuable and pleasant. I don't think there is anything comparable in the German fashion trade; so it's all the nicer that we are continuing on this path together and that we are also establishing this externally with this collaboration!

 β€“ Florian Braun, UNGER

They want to show their passion beyond the borders of Hamburg. To do so, they invited Danish influencer Josefine Haaning Jensen to Hamburg to discover their favourite city. Wearing a "Große Freiheit" jumper, she explores the Hanseatic city from the Alster to the Iris von Arnim headquarters at Frauenthal and Unger on Neuer Wall to the harbour.