Bambini Collection

The exclusive Bambini collection presents popular styles in the Mini-Me version as well as other pieces for babies and toddlers. Inspired by the hand-knitted sweaters Iris von Arnim gave her granddaughter Daisy for her birth, a 5-piece children's collection was created from the finest cashmere. 

Interview with Valentin von Arnim

How did the collection come about? 

Iris had knitted her granddaughter Daisy a few sweaters for her birth - hand-knit, cardigan structure. Pure Iris von Arnim. It looked pretty darn cute! Now my daughter has outgrown all these sweaters and of course we need new ones. And because Daisy has had a few too many compliments on her sweaters, we can't help but launch our own little bambini collection. And why not? We make favourite sweaters for life. Of course, the baby sweater can't be worn for many years. The little ones simply grow too fast. But then you pass it on, to your sister, later to your cousin and then to your daughter. How wonderful when a sweater finds its way through the family like that.

How would you describe the collection? 

Iris von Arnim in mini format. Same style, same quality, same aspiration. We took our favourite models and recreated them for the little ones. Like the round-necked Chris sweater, which I wear all the time, with a button placket on the collar. Or the Mini Christo jacket, plus a hat and our best-selling scarf, Mini Harva. And finally, the baby blanket. All in the timeless colours of natural and silver, made from our signature cardigan structure knit in 100% cashmere for children between four and 24 months, in three sizes.

What influence did your daughter Daisy have on the design of the collection? 

She was the big inspiration, the main photo model, and we used her as a guide to develop the sizes. Without Daisy, the pieces wouldn't exist. She was there for the fittings, and at the same time reintroduced the skinny jeans trend to us. The funniest part was, of course, the photo shoot. Daddy and Daisy twinning with the sweater Chris. She had more eyes for the camera though and loved playing with it. Looked at the pictures right away on the screen and commented loudly. Anyway, according to our photographer, we'll have to get Daisy a camera very soon....